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Sital Kalantry

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I am a law professor specializing in reproductive rights law, comparative law, and feminist legal theory.  The focus of my research work is to understand and solve human rights issues globally focusing on India and the United States.

My book, Women’s Rights and Migration, examines sex-selective abortion bans in India and the United States from a multi-disciplinary perspective.


I have written over a dozen articles and book chapters that have been published in legal journals such as the Cornell Law Review and the Stanford International Law Journal as well as peer-reviewed social sciences journals including the Forum for Health Economics and Policy.

My work has also appeared in the New York Times, Slate, and the Hill (among others). I am a regular media commentator on reproductive rights, law in India, and human rights issues. My writing has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court and Indian Supreme Court. You can find my scholarly and popular work on this website.

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Women's Human Rights & Migration

My award-winning book, Women’s Human Rights and Migration: Sex-Selective Abortion Law in India and the United States explores the consequences of the use of acontextual information to develop laws relating to reproduction in the United States. The book undertakes a comparative and empirical study of sex-selective abortion prohibitions in India and the United States. 


I have given over hundred presentations in almost every continent in the world. I have presented on topics including law and justice in the age of coronavirus, citizenship and human rights in India, rights of indigenous people, sex-selection abortion laws in the U.S. and India, Indian Supreme Court, transnational legal feminism. Some of my recorded presentations can be found below.

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Media commentary

My opinions have been sought after by reporters on numerous media stories, including those relating to violence against women, the Indian Supreme Court, sex-selective abortion laws. Access some of the news stories in which I was quoted here.

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